What should I wear to my session?

I've spent countless hours creating a 32 page what to wear guide for my wonderful clients to make it easier to choose what to wear for their session with me!

Please message me for the link to the what to wear guide.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! The minimum purchase is $25 but you can also pay for a full session as a gift as well. I can mail it or you can pick it up at my studio just outside of Owen Sound, Ontario. Gift certificates expire the end of the year they are purchased and will state this on the certificate itself. Full amount must be used at once. Gift certificates have no cash value.

Where are you located + do you travel?

My home studio is now located just outside of Owen Sound and by Mennonite Corners.

I serve all of Grey-Bruce as well as surrounding areas!

I absolutely will travel and many of my clients live in the city! I do require a travel fee of .50 per km if over a 15-20 minute drive from my home studio in Owen Sound, Ontario. This covers my gas, wear and tear on my vehicle as well as my time. Please inquire for travel fees.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. All I ask for is $50 upfront to secure your date and time in my books. It can be paid in cash or EMT to kristinerinleighphotography@gmail.com. Your remaining balance is due before your session date.

When you pay a deposit they are non-refundable but they are transferable to future sessions! This also covers the cost of my time spent messaging back and forth with each client. Planning out your session and any supplies or props I may have purchased specifically for your session.

If you need to cancel or reschedule please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to fill your spot.

When will I receive my photos?

It all depends on the type of session. Turn around time is currently 3-4 weeks and 6-8 weeks for a wedding. I do love to edit and always get them back to you before then! The finished edits you will receive via digital download.

How many photos will I receive?

Please inquire so we can figure out what works best for you!

Send me an email at kristinerinleighphotography@gmail.com so we can discuss things in more detail.

I do not give unedited images as they are not a good representation of my style as an artist.

*Please note...I will be selecting the images for all galleries.*

Do you give black + white photos?

Yes! I happen to be a huge fan of black + white photos as there is something timeless about them.

If you do not like black + white photos, please let me know when booking your session.

Do you post the photos on social media?

Yes! This is how I get noticed and gain more clients. It’s very important to me to share my work, so I post on Facebook, Instagram and this website.

I have a few clients that ask me to please not post any so of course I don’t! I will respect your wishes. If this is you, then please make sure to tell me right away or I won’t know.

Will you edit in a different style?

No…I have done this in the past but I didn’t like to do it as it just wasn’t me. Original unedited photos are also not a good representation of me which is why I do not give them. I will edit out blemishes like acne, bug bites, scrapes & bruises and smooth the skin only if needed and then add my personal flare! Additional editing can be requested at an added fee per 30 minutes. What you see on my website is what you will get! Sometimes it varies depending on the time of day I shoot, the weather or what colours the clients are wearing but the tone is always similar. If my style is not what you're after or you'd prefer the "unedited" look, then we probably aren’t the right fit! I would be happy to send you to another photographer in the area with the style you are after!

Where should I print my digital images?

I have a store set up that you will have access to as soon as you receive the email with your digital photo gallery. You can purchase different photo products through me so I can make sure they are of the highest quality before you receive them. Currently offering Regular Sized Prints, Enlarged Prints, Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Photo Books + USB.

I DO NOT recommend having your photos printed at Walmart, Pharmacies & Shutterfly. I have never received a print I was happy with from them. I have spent countless hours editing your photos to my standards and editing style and would love you to be able to print them as they look on your screen! I cannot guarantee printing quality if you choose to go to a place not recommended. I only guarantee purchases through my online store.

What if I show up late to my session?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time. If you show up late, you will lose that time from your session. If you are half an hour late or more I may require an added fee for my time lost.

Do you require a contract to be signed?

Yes! All sessions (even minis) require this before your session begins. I will email this to you with your invoice.

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