It’s always best to coordinate without being too matchy matchy. I do love colour so feel free to wear neutral colours or warmer earth tones. I don’t recommend anything that’s neon or very vibrant as it will add a colour cast onto your skin! Some examples of colours that go well together are navy, burgundy, mustard, caramel & olive. If you prefer pastels then some great colours would be teal, pale pink, white, lavender & robin’s egg blue! Feel free to throw in a pattern or floral design that incorporate those shades!

I’m not a big fan of ball caps, logos or writing on clothing and footwear so I always suggest to leave those items at home! But…if you feel more comfortable wearing a hat, then absolutely wear it! I want you to be happy and confident in yourself!

If you booked a maternity session then I have 8 gowns to choose from or feel free to bring your own! Wear something fitted or a flowy maxi dress to show off that gorgeous baby bump!

I supply all props for newborn sessions in my studio. I also only do waist up shots of parents so please feel free to dress comfy. A great tip would be for Mom to wear leggings and a black or white wide strap tank and Dad a black or white plain t-shirt and jeans. Siblings can wear a nice neutral dress, dress shirt or t-shirt and jeans or black leggings. I will be wearing a mask and gloves while handling your newborn.

For lifestyle newborn sessions I will bring some wraps, headbands, bonnets, small chalk board and the rest is up to you! Follow the clothing guidelines in the top paragraph and don’t stress! This is supposed to be very casual and relaxed. I will take photos in baby’s room, parents room and living room so make sure to tidy up those areas before I arrive. If you want a couple outdoors we will have to be in a shaded spot for the safety of your newborn. I will also wear a mask and gloves anytime I am handling your newborn baby.

My home studio is located at Irish Lake just outside the small town of Markdale, Ontario.

I serve all of Grey-Bruce as well as surrounding areas!

I absolutely will travel and many of my clients live in the city! I do require a travel fee of .50 per km if outside a 20 km radius of my home studio. This covers my gas, wear and tear on my vehicle as well as my time.
Since every session is different the fee can range from $25 for a mini session up to $500 for a wedding. All retainers are used towards the cost of your session. They can be paid via EMT or cash. Your remaining balance is due the day of your session, but for weddings it is due one week before your wedding.

When you pay a retainer fee it secures your date and time in my books. Retainers are non refundable but they are transferable to future sessions! This also covers the cost of my time spent messaging back and forth with each client. Planning out your session and any supplies or props I may have purchased specifically for your session.

If you need to cancel or reschedule please give 24-48 hours notice so I can try to fill your spot.

It all depends on the type of session. I usually tell people give me a couple of weeks but I love to edit and always get them back to you before then. Weddings could be up to a 4 week wait so please be patient. If you need a couple of photos right away to post for your engagement, I have no problem editing a couple and giving those within 24 hours. I seriously get sooooo excited to get home and pick out all my favs to edit! Don’t get me wrong I am a perfectionist and spend a lot of time editing each photo till it’s up to my standards. The finished edits you will receive via digital download and I have picked out the best of the session. If you wonder why you didn’t receive a certain photo then it’s because I didn’t feel it was up to my standards.

The smaller half sessions you will receive approximately 10 edited images. If you paid for a full session (most popular) then you receive around 35 images.

For weddings you will receive all photos I took during the allotted time that I felt were flattering to the subjects and up to my standards.

I do not give unedited images or go back to the gallery for extra requested images. I feel as an artist I have chosen the best of the best for you and I hope you can trust my judgement. But…If you would like me to edit more photos from your session, I am happy to do so for an added fee.

Yes! I happen to be a huge fan of black and white photos as there’s something timeless about them. If you booked a half session then you won’t receive more than one and sometimes none. With a full session or wedding I do give a handful in black and white. I feel some photos look better in colour and some look better in black and white.

If you don’t like black and white photos then please let me know before my editing begins. If I give a photo in black and white, I don’t give it in colour and vice versa. If you want them in colour or black and white after I’ve already given the images, then I will edit those at an added fee per image.
Yes! This is how I get noticed and gain more clients. It’s very important to me to share my work, so I post on Facebook, Instagram and this website.

I have a few clients that ask me to please not post any so of course I don’t! I will respect your wishes. If this is you, then please make sure to tell me right away or I won’t know.

No…I have done this in the past but I didn’t like to do it as it just wasn’t me. My style is vintage, moody with a matte finish and muted greens. What you see on my website and social media is what you will get! Sometimes it varies depending on the time of day I shoot or what colours the clients are wearing but the tone is always similar. If that’s not what you like then we probably aren’t the right fit! I would be happy to send you to another photographer in the area with the style you’re after! 

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